is the free, trusted standard for voting with the Reply® range of audience response keypads. And now you can also try out the Reply® Byopad™, our hybrid smartphone version, contained within.

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Easy as 1-2-3

The key to Edivote®100 is simplicity!
It's a Microsoft PowerPoint® Add-In.
Easy Reports using Microsoft EXCEL®

It's Free

Use EdiVote®100's full functionality as a PowerPoint Add-In totally free with up to 100 Reply® keypads (all variations except Reply® Ativa).

Wide Range of Functions

The software covers all the requirements of most meetings currently held.


Take a look at EdiVote®100 in action


A little about what EdiVote®100 can do


Interactive Meetings show a very high  increase in attendee participation.


Create teambuilding exercises. Demographics allows you to split your audience by certain criteria.


See if your audience understood your content or test their knowledge prior to your speech

Weighted Voting

Enables you to classify your audience and assign different weighting to their votes.

Multi Digit Voting

Create multiple choice, Rating or Ranking questions easily.


Engage your audience with games and quizzes. Rosters will allow you to track who’s the best.

Do you need more?

Such as:

More than 100 keypad Capacity; 64-bit version; More than 10 answer options; X/Y/Z Scatter Diagrams; Candidate Elections; And more!

Edivote® Pro 2.0 is now available for purchase: Click here for details


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Just have a look on our blog.

If you like to watch tutorials instead of reading a manual, watch these.

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Latest Version: 1.1.6

Why ?

EdiVote®100's strengths